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The Father’s Love

As Father’s Day approaches you may be excitedly looking forward to honoring your father and celebrating with him while others may not. You may have a great relationship with you dad and enjoy being with him. Yet there are some who may not have that kind of relationship or even know their dad. Or you may know what it is like to have your father’s love while others long for it.The Father's Love

For some Father’s Day can prove to be a not so great day. However, regardless of our relationship with our earthly father, as Christians we can celebrate our heavenly Father. You have a Heavenly Father who:

Loves You BIG

The fact that God loved you even before you loved Him is enough to be thankful for (John 3:16). He showed His love by sacrificing Christ, His Son to suffer and die in our place. Therefore, appreciate God’s unconditional love. Receive His forgiveness and His love and love Him back. Your Heavenly Father loves you BIG.

Blesses You

God your Father is willing to give you whatever you need or desire. Since He willingly gave Jesus for you, what is there that He won’t do for you (Rom. 8:32)? He provides for all our needs and He has a good future planned for you.

Always Listens to You

Your Father God has time for you. You have 24/7 access to talk with your Big Dad God and to pour your heart out to Him. He does not only listen but He is able to give you sound advice and direction for your life. You can always rely on Him for guidance.

Protects You

Your heavenly Father is strong and absolutely mighty. He can protect you from any harm (seen or unseen). He has angels assigned to you not only to protect you from the enemy but from you hurting yourself (Psalm 91:11-12). You can always look up to Big Dad God and He will pick you up and hold you close.

Our Heavenly Father is the greatest dad ever. Although He expects us to honor and celebrate Him, He also wants us to do the same for our fathers. We glorify God when we:

Honor our fathers. God promises that when we honour them, He will ensure that we are successful and have long life (Eph. 6:1-3).

Pray for our fathers. There isn’t anyone who does not need prayer. No dad is perfect. Our prayers can go a long way in helping him to become the man God wants him to be.

Give thanks for our fathers. Yes, give thanks for him. After all, we are their seed.

Bless our fathers. Fathers’ Day gives you the opportunity to do something special for our dads and to say, “I love you.” Whatever little we do will be appreciated.

What special things are you doing to honor your dad?