Success by God's Word

Sometimes, I like to watch home design shows. I like to see the transformation from old and dated to the new and sleek designs. While watching, I’ve come to realize how unsatisfied, discontented and unhappy people can be. We always want more.

Have you ever realized that people never seem to be satisfied? If we have a great job, we want a better one. If we are small business owners, we want a large corporation. If we have a house, we want a bigger one in a more upscale community. If we have a car, we want a newer one. As for electronics, what we have today does not suffice for tomorrow.

Our lists of wants grow more and more each day. No matter what we have, we want for more, we want better. We are always wishing and striving something more. Even if we have learned to be happy or content with what we have, society bombards us (television, radio, internet, magazines), vying for our attention, trying to convince us that we need more!

Although there isn’t anything inherently wrong in trying to improve or to achieve something better, there is danger in focusing on these things too much. You can become distracted from your God-given purpose. You are not here just to gain and keep all for yourself. You have an eternal purpose. Your first priority is to know God for yourself – daily seeking after Him and doing what pleases Him (Matthew 6:33). Then, you should make Him known within your sphere of influence using the uniqueness of you (Matthew 28:19-20).

Sometimes, the seeking after things is an indication of your desire for something more. No one can ever be fully satisfied until he knows Jesus and has a personal relationship with Him. I’ve heard it said that sometimes the things you desire or long for can lead you to God – to the very Source of whatever you are seeking. God calls out to us many times even in the midst of our seeking things to come to Him (Isaiah 55:1-2). He is the only one who can truly fill our deepest longing – to know our Maker and to worship Him.

Is there something you are trying to achieve that consumes you so much that you don’t have time to connect to God? Are you seeking after everything but the righteousness of God? Or do you long for more of God but instead find yourself going after other things?

The reassurance you have is that God knows your needs and desires and He is able to provide them. All He asks of you is that you make Him your priority. He wants you to first love Him and seek after Him and walk in righteousness. As you do this daily, your heavenly Father will not only provide your needs but will also grant you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4).

Today, long for God. Have a desire for God and not for the things that will never satisfy. God is able to satisfy you.


Comments on: "Insatiable Desire? God Satisfies!" (2)

  1. Sandra Prince said:

    Hello Aunty Pam, thanks for the wonderful reminder. Keep them coming.

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