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Who Are You?

If someone asked you that question, what would you say? Maybe you would tell them your name or you may say that you are a child of God. Those responses would be quite right but have you really thought about who you are?

God’s word constantly reminds us of who we are in the eyes of God our Father. We are so much more than meets the natural eyes. We are more than just the physical body we see in the mirror or that others see as we go about our daily lives. We are living spiritual beings (Genesis 2:7).

God made us very special. Of all His creation, we (human beings) are the only ones who have been made to be like Him – in His image and likeness – (Genesis 1:26-27). Also, we are the only ones who have been given authority over all of the rest of creation (Genesis 1:26-28).

But what is being made in His image and likeness suppose to be? As a child growing up, someone may have told you that you look like your dad or your mum. Even if you hold no physical resemblance to your parents, you may act or speak like them in someway and sure enough you may hear someone say, “She’s acting just like her mum.” Some children don’t like to be told that they are like their parents. While as parents, we are often happy to know that our children either have our physically resemblance or do something like we do.

But since God is Spirit how do we look like Him? Well, we too are spirit. The image of God we carry is in how we represent Him. It’s not a physical representation but a spiritual one. It’s in our character. Do we act like God? Do we love like God? Are we creative and productive like He is? Do we exercise patience like He does? Are we merciful or forgiving like Him?

There is so much to God’s image that we need to be like. As His children, we are His representatives to those who know Him and to those who do not Him know. Not ‘looking’ like our Father doesn’t speak well of Him and does not please Him. Being like our Heavenly Father makes Him proud and causes Him to smile at us.

As you ponder over this question, make it your aim to be like your Father. Be a good child of God. Make your Father smile.


Be an Agent of Positive Change

In the previous post, Change Comes, Embrace It, I spoke of how we often don’t like change and one way we can handle changes when they come. Today, I am talking about change but from the perspective of you being the change agent.

We hear stories of good and great things that people do and we think ourselves, “That’s great but I couldn’t do that.” Who told you so? The response we’d typically here is, “No one, I just know that’s not me”. The truth is we often believe the lies of the enemy that makes us stay where we are wishing things could change but never thinking we can be the ones to make the change.

Everyday we see people and groups who boldly proclaim their rights that bring about change – and often it is negative. Why are Christians not as bold to proclaim Christ and bring about positive change instead? It goes back to our negative self-talk or how we view of ourselves. We claim to have “valid” reasons for not stepping out to make a change or difference in the community around us. Sometimes we are more concerned about what others will say about us more than what God thinks of us.

But we need to rearrange our thinking or thought habits. We need to align our thoughts to what God says about us. Moses thought he could not speak well and represent Israel before pharaoh but God saw him as a leader and deliverer (Exodus 4). Gideon saw himself at the least in his family but God saw him as a might man of valor (Judges 6). David was also considered the least amongst his siblings but God saw him as a king and a man after His own heart (1 Samuel 16). God took the least among men and used them to bring about positive change in the lives of many.

So what about you? How do you see yourself? Please, erase from your mind the negative thoughts you have of yourself. Begin to look at yourself through the eyes of God your heavenly Father. Search the scriptures and remind yourself that:

  • You are a child of the Most High God
  • You have been made righteous through Christ
  • You are an overcomer
  • You can do great things because you know God
  • You have been chosen to be fruitful

Right where you are you can bring change – in your home, your community, your church and beyond. The key to starting positive change is in you knowing confidently that you can with Christ being your help and strength. It starts by being Christ-confident and not self-confident. It continues with thinking and speaking positive change to actively making positive change. You know where you are at. You see the challenges in your world – the children who need food and love, the teens who are longing for belonging, the young families needing guidance to stay together and be strong. The problems you see around you that burden you are often the ones that God wants you to solve. He wants you to be an agent of change right where you are.

Don’t doubt what you can do but believe you can with Christ helping you all the way. Trust in Him who can do work through you to bring change.

What change can you start making today?

Change Comes, Embrace it

Life is full of change, whether we like it our not. When we are young, we are very excited to become adults. When we become adults, we wish to be young again and relive some of those years. At times, we are excited about and eagerly embrace change but most of the time we resist it. We wish silently in our hearts and we show it in our actions that change is not welcomed.

But the fact is change will come. There are some changes that you will definitively make on your own and you willing go through the process. On the other hand, some changes are forced on you and are hard to accept. You may have lost your job and you’re faced with lots of unpaid bills. Maybe you have lost a substantial amount of savings because of a failed investment. Perhaps you’re faced with the sudden illness of a loved one. We’ve either been through change or about to experience it again.

Over the past few months, I have relocated. I said good-bye to familiar people, places, and activities. I changed my job, my house, my church, made new friends and renewed old friendships. Even now, writing this blog is a change for me.

I remember when I was thinking of the changes that would be approaching, it seemed like it was easier to stay as I was. However, the more I thought about it and prayed about it, the more trusted God to be with me and guide me through the changes. Today as I look back I realize that I was able to make those changes with confidence. I am amazed at how well I went through the relocation without frustration and how smooth the process was. Thank God for His strength through it all!

One thing that has certainly given me ability to embrace change is the word of the Lord: “For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Hebrew 13:5, NKJV) That Word says a whole lot. Since God is with me:

  • I am never alone. I need not be afraid.
  • I can embrace the changes that are ahead of me. I can rely on Him to guide me through the changes.
  • I can positively progress and see success during and after the change.
  • I can be certain of one thing, though change will come, He remain constantly faithful and will keep His promises.

We need to run to God’s word when changes are happening that we don’t like. Through it we will find comfort, strength and strategy to get through the process. When change comes that does not seem beneficial to us, we must remind ourselves that the change will work in our favor because we are His and we love Him (Romans 8:28).

You may have had to deal with some unpleasant changes that you did not expect or anticipate. Unpleasant and untimely changes may have occurred that you wish never had. Take comfort in Christ that He is with you and will never fail you nor give up on you. He will help you through the change.

How have you dealt with change before? Encourage someone and yourself in the Lord.